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Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Timeline“It’s no accident you found this site.Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 10.28.01 AM You found this site because you are now ready to enter the “Action Phase” of your recovery and break your “Addiction Cycle” of drug and alcohol abuse. In the “Action Phase” of your recovery you will begin the process of getting your life back with a”dual approach” method that treats addiction for both your mind and body.   The first method of treatment in the “dual approach” is to break your “Addiction Cycle” with a medical assisted detox to eliminate cravings during withdrawal.

Break Your Cycle of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 

Once cravings for your addiction problem have been eliminated, you will start a “Recovery Cycle” and can now focus on correcting the behavior that addiction_cycle1-1fuels your drugs or alcohol abuse problem as you enter the second phase of your treatment. The second part of “dual approach” treatment program is customized therapy that will help you develop the coping skills you need for long-term success with addiction.

Start the “Action Phase” of  Your Recovery

To begin the “Action Phase” of your recovery please call our detox hotline at 877-635-3871 and speak with a rehab specialist who can help you get started with treatment. You’re ready to take action…. we have a solution… all you need to do now is call our treatment helpline to start your recovery.” Dennis Perkins

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Addiction Treatment“Addiction is a treatable disease… not a moral failing”


Your Drug and Alcohol Abuse Problem

May Be More Serious Than You Realize

Unfortunately, there is no real distraction between drug and alcohol abuse and serious addiction.  It’s very likely that you have already crossed that line and are not even aware of it. addictionWhile the frequency… or quantity… of your drug and alcohol abuse doesn’t always indicate an issue with addiction… they are usually signs of problems that are likely having a negative impact on your daily life. Either way, you’ve probably reached the point where you need to take immediate action for your drugs or alcohol abuse problem in the form of addiction treatment so you can get your life back on trackDrugs and Alcohol Abuse Effects on the Brain. Your drugs or alcohol problem is a complex medical disorder… and not a persona failing… characterized by compulsive use that is beyond your control. While each drug or alcoholic drink produces various physical  effects, excessive drug and alcohol abuse has one disturbing element in common when it comes to addiction and treatment: repeated use of drugs and alcohol changes the way your brain looksfunctions… and operates.

Important Fact About Drug and Alcohol Abuse

  • Drug and alcohol abuse causes a surge in the levels of dopamine in your brain, which in turn triggers feelings of extreme pleasure.  Your brain recalls these feelings and wants them constantly repeated.
  • Once you become addicted, the craving for these substances from your brain takes on the same significance for survival as eating and drinking.
  • Your mind will find ways to deny or excuse your drug and alcohol abuse problem due to constant cravings.  This will cause you to misjudge the amount of intake… and the level of control… you have over your drugs or alcohol usage.

Prescription-Drug-Abuse-Use-Pill-Addiction-Health-Spry-475x285Unless properly treated… cravings from drugs or alcohol abuse will continue to grow more powerful than anything else… including your family, friends, job, and eventually your own health and happiness. You found this site because you have a problem and need treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction. Now that you’ve acknowledged your addiction problem isn’t time that you to take immediate action and enter the “Action Phase” of your recovery process? Although it may seem both frightening and overwhelming to confront your drug and alcohol abuse problem head on, finding the right treatment program will make this new transition in your life a much easier process.images-23 Our approach of using a medically assisted detox to reduce cravings during withdrawal… combined with a customized therapy program to help you change the destructive behavior patterns that fuel your addiction… make a life-changing recovery from your drug and alcohol abuse problems easily within reach. You’ve already taken the first courageous steps in recognizing that you have a problem… now you’re just a phone call away from entering the “Action Phase” of your recovery and getting your life back.

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Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

  Medications for Drug and Alcohol AbuseReduces Cravings During Detox The first step in the “Action Phase” of treating your drug and alcohol abuse problem is to find the right prescription medication that will eliminate your cravings during detox. Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Medication Using medication to eliminate cravings during detox is vital because when you first start recovery your brain sends constant signals for more of the substance that caused your addiction. In the “Early Rehabilitation” phase of treatment, you need to find the right medication to help reduce your cravings during withdrawal so you can stay on the path towards recovery. Most people addicted to drugs or alcohol will have a higher success rate when given medication to eliminate cravings during detox. Eliminating cravings during withdrawal with a medically assisted detox makes it possible to have a successful start to your recovery along with providing significant long-term benefits.

Benefits of Medical Detox for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

  • After you start your medically assisted detox your brain will begin functioning at a much higher level so you can immediately begin the process of getting your life back on track.Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Medications
  • Once you’re brain is free from drug and alcohol cravings during withdrawal you can focus on therapy to eliminate the destructive behavior that fuels your addiction problem.
  • Medication used to combat addiction will allow you to develop the specific coping skills you need for long-term sobriety and greatly reduce any chance of a relapse.

A big part of your focus in the “Action Phase” of recovery is to find the right long-term treatment program for your addiction problem. Our treatment program includes medication to help you with cravings during detox for your specific addiction problem, combined with counseling that can help you develop the coping skills you need for long-term recovery from addiction. Want To Know More About Medication for Addiction? Call the Addiction Treatment Helpline

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Insurance

Insurance Providers for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Our goal at Helpinghands-Rehab is to place you in the right treatment program based on your needs and particular addiction problem. The cost of treatment shouldn’t stop you… or a loved one… from receiving the best care possible so you can start the process of recovery and get your life back on track. We have aligned our self with the finest doctors, counselors, therapist, and rehab specialist practicing in the field of drug and alcohol addiction so you can have the best treatment possible. You will find a list below that includes some of the health care providers we work with for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Now that you are ready to begin treatment in the “Action Phase” of recovery, a call to one of our rehab counselors regarding how your insurance can be used to cover the cost of treatment would be a beneficial next step. You can verify your insurance benefits by calling our toll free helpline at 877-635-3871. Our staff can not only answer questions regarding the type of treatment programs we offer for your particular addiction program, we can also verify your insurance benefits and coverage with your health care provider.

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Insurance  Benefits

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Drug and Alcoholl Abuse Addiction and Recovery


Can Alcohol Abuse Stop Your Bones from Healing?


Abusing Alcohol Causes Delay in Healing Process

According to a new study, people who abuse alcohol and sustain a bone fracture are more likely to experience a delay in the healing process.

A recent story in the Metro.Uk  reported the results of a new study that indicates a strong correlation between alcohol abuse and the of the bodies ability to heal a broken bone.

According to the story:

“It’s not uncommon for injury victims to hit the bottle to try to ease their pain but doing so only delays the healing process.

girl with a broken legBinge-drinking can significantly impair the ability of our bones to repair after a fracture, researchers found. Experts hope the findings can be used to devise treatments for both alcohol abusers and non-drinkers who suffer breaks. ‘Many bone fractures are alcohol-related, due to car accidents, falls and shooting incidents,’ said Dr Roman Natoli, of the Loyola University Medical Center in the US. ‘In addition to contributing to bone fractures, alcohol also impairs the healing process.”

You can read the rest of the story here:  Alcohol abuse will stop your broken bones from healing People who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse know that they are damaging their bodies in a variety of ways. Now you can add your bodies ability to heal bone fractures to the list.

Many young people who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse do so because of “binge  drinking.”  You can get more information about binge drinking by watching the video report below:

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