Stupid jokes – lightens the mood

6008-Goofy-Jokes-1383093844A stupid joke is one of the ways to make serious people laugh just for no reason. It is a great start for any situation like social gathering, parties etc. Laughter is the one of the best medicine for all sort of problems, by listening to jokes people forget about their tension, stress for some while. Especially children loves to listen to jokes very often .So I always them jokes because I love to see children smile.
There are number of different kinds of chistes cortos famosos but you have to choose the appropriate situation to tell those jokes. In most of the parties that I have attended, I have heard many people cracking and listening to funny jokes. Jokes are just meant to have fun, laugh and make other laugh .Once at a gathering of friends circle just to make the situation more humorous I started telling jokes , my initiative stimulated others to refresh their memory for their turn to tell jokes .So .Within short span of time our entire group was having great sound of laughter and enjoyed to the core

In an ethnic day celebrations, we all gathered in college premises in ethnic wears .A far as this event was considered we cracked many racist jokes .Even though it was not all funny, nut the main intention of the story is to laugh for those stupid jokes. This is the most memorable event where in the most serious student of our class laughed for out stupid jokes.

Being silly and stupid together in a group

Almost everyone in our group has little funny names, though it seems funny and stupid for others we enjoy a lot by calling our friends with silly names. Usually when we are alone in house engaged in our work without our sense we start murmuring some old song lyrics wherein you end up with a weird or funny smile on your face. Each and every one of us has little sense of jokes within us but we have kept them fresh and alive. Although stupid jokes seem to be weird for others but it has become a part of relationship that’s making us laughs. Laughing is more important and not the reason behind it but should keep one thing in mind that is our intention is make others laugh and not to hurt anyone.
When you are reading or sending some stupid jokes messages, you are trying to brighten up some others mood or someone else is trying to brighten up your mood. But before sending jokes to any person keep it mind about the content of the joke and the person to whom you are sending it. Every individual has their own sense of humor, so it’s better advised to tell a person with clean jokes instead of making the situation weird and odd. We all can have little bit of fun in our daily schedule in one or the other way, it can be even unexpected as well. Try to laugh more and still ore with little stupid jokes and silliness.

Stupid jokes – Makes the people laugh much louder

funny-black-person-jokesHuman beings are the only ones on this planet who has the capability of laughing.This is quite interesting factor as well. No animal on this earth shows the signs of laughing. Even though the primate animals are close to human beings but still they doesn’t know the meaning of fun, jokes, and laugh.

Things that make us laugh?

I usually laugh at the jokes that seem to be funny for me. Sometimes some things seem to be funny for me but it may not be for others.Each individual has their own style of humor. I would like to tell stupid jokes which I heard from my friend that makes you laugh as well.
“Why our nose can’t be as long as 12 inches, the reason is it’s not our foot to be 12 inches long”.Isn’t it too funny and stupid joke?
Whenever I feel sad and bored I call my friends and start conversing with them, exchange some stupid jokes as well.If I ask my grand parents to tell about the stupid things which I used to during my child hood and by listening to all those events I laugh out.
During my masters education I was staying in a hostel.It was a Sunday evening and damn boring as well, sitting inside room throughout day just by watching movie lead to boredom. So I went to my friends room, as I entered into room all of us sudden there occurred calmness and the some of them started whispering and suddenly started cracking some funny jokes on me.Even I joined them and had a great time together.

Different categories of humors

• Looking at life in a humorous way
I find simplest way of creating jokes with the entire event that are concerned to my life. Even when telling about the miseries oflife Ifind humorous factor in that as well. The most successful comedians whom we have seen in our life will be having great break through just by converting their real life incident and miseries into jokes.

• Conversationalhumor
Once there was huge discussion was going on at house regarding my sister marriage, as the conversation was going on everyone got bored up with it? So just to change their mood in that heat of conversation I started telling funny jokes and made them laugh and relax. Every one gathered over there started laughing louder in such a way that even the building roof should be blown away.

• Playing cautiouslywith your words
This is yet another unique form of serious jokes, if narrated properly it definitely burst you into laughter.

• Dry humor
Here you crack joke and every individual around you laugh whole heartedly but you will not be in a situation even give a smile as well. It’s really a tough situation only the professionals can do this task. It requites lots of patience and practice as well.
Laughing is the best anti-biotic for all sort ofsadness. Share jokes and spread miles!

Top six stupid jokes about employees andsolutions to overcome it

Evert manager of the company hire employees for the development of their company. Being a team of the recruiting team, many of the answers given by employees seems like stupid jokes for me.


Some employees are so lazy to such an extent that, even if they are permitted to do works from home they still start their work late.
Solution:Make use of pre employment test regarding the ethic of work and time sense of work.If the employee doesn’t qualify those criteria then you can find someone who is very industrious about the work and time.

Joke #2

One of my neighbors asked me so stupidly where does the line starts for submitting online application even though they knew it. Those words were absolutely stupid jokes for me.
I faced many problems by hiring the employees who were not smart enough in handling the assigned job and even I learnt new technologies as well.I saw them finding very hard to encounter the problem.So from the next time onwards while recruiting I kept certain pre-employment test in order to test their ability of handling job. They are:
• Vocabulary
• Skills of problem solving
• Grammar
• Arithmetic
• Handling small issues of company
By performing these tests I could hiresome best employees for the company.


Some employees are so wicked and mean.I have seen many employees cursing gods, priest, and monks for not being able to qualify for the job. It’s definitely a stupid joke for me.
Solution: So being a part of the recruiting team, I suggested other members of the team to conduct test that forecasts the internal behavior of the employees.Those tests includes
• Excitable
• Aggressiveness
• Power motivation
Applicant with best scores in these areas can be hired for the betterment of the company.


One of the employee, toldme to call him by his nick name as he like to be called so and told even the clients will get attracted by his nick name and give us projects. My senior co-worker gotvery angry to an extreme level for his great stupidity but I took it simply as stupid joke and smiled.
Solution: It’s better to conduct a pre-employment test that forecast the criminal behavior of the applicant. I conducted this test on two main scales:
• Stealing or theft concerns
• Substance abuse concerns
These tests helped me to differentiate the criminals from the non-criminals and the substance abusers from the group of non substance abusers.


Some employees will be so crazy to such an extent that even their friends and co-workers and doesn’t wants to be with them
Solution: Prior to hiring an applicant I made complete and detailed medical reports regarding their mental and physical health and also conducted a test in order to check their aggressive scale. Applicants with higher aggressive scale were eliminated.


Some employee’s acts like as though they are very much unhealthy and take holidays but they move for clubs and order whatever their favorite dish.